You know that feeling. You’ve logged out and turned the computer off after a hard day of editing.

You come downstairs, think about dinner, maybe take a shower to wash the sweat and dirt off you.

It’s been days, after all, right? 😉

30 minutes later, you sit down for some well earned recuperation.

But what’s this!?

Your laptop is sitting there near the TV. The crease between the lid and base looks like a smile.

Is it staring at you asking you to open it and do some more work?

We’ve all been there. 🤷‍♂️

Aside from banishing your laptop to the home office (where it probably should be), what do you use to cut off and get away from work for the evening?

Let’s share some of our best productivity habits for cutting off from the intensity of 16 hour days. 😎