Wimbledon was fantastic on Friday! Although we had a tonne of rain, we were able to catch all play thanks to the roof 👌

Also, the way the place is run is exceptional and a great model for how the whole of Britain should be run:

– Polite, experienced security who know their stuff, totally in control, but friendly and happy to have a chat too.

Toilets and water re-fuel stations everywhere.

– No queuing at the bars. Got drinks within 1 minute of approaching the bar!

– Everything super clean and orderly. I thought I was in Japan for a while!

– Awesome people everywhere. Great chats with people in the seats around us and everyone had a general air of feeling privileged just to be there.

My top tip for anyone going on one of the big days next year is to get an Uber or some form of ride to the venue. Everything else is tricky (and busy!) especially on a wet day!

They won’t let taxis/Uber that close to the venue and if you have washout conditions, you will get soaked getting there (although, whilst getting soaked, you can admire the multi-million £ gated mansions surrounding the venue that are blatantly uninhabited second homes!)

We ended up having to Uber for 1.5 hours from central London. Uber, in many situations, is the cheat code.

We’ll be there for a sunny day next year on Centre Court! ☀️

Such an awesome day out at Wimbledon!