One of my biggest business breakthroughs came to a little while ago, but I’ve only now just realized how to put it into words.

Another Way To See Fear

I used to see fear as just fear; something to be afraid of.

Now, when I get that feeling of fear, I get a feeling that I need to investigate it.

We all fear the unknown, so what if we get curious and want to discover everything about that thing?

When we know everything about it, suddenly we no longer fear it!

Get Curious

In the old days, I used to know next to nothing about filmmaking. I got curious and I started investigating.

Soon, it wasn’t an unknown anymore, and guess what? And the anxiety was gone.

When you feel the fear, they say to do it anyway!

That’s true.

I get curious and I plow into whatever it is I fear. I discover everything about it and then it disappears!

I know this was a short post today, but hopefully it’s helped you get curious rather than feeling fearful!

Thanks for reading!