So 5 things I always try to do with my blogging and SEO in each article:

1. Answer the user intent!

What kind of post is this.

Am I answering the question the user is asking? (Most articles, especially how-to stuff, is question based). 🔥

2. No more than 2 sentences per paragraph. Readability is key! Used to be 3 sentences max for me, but now 2 sentences.

Lots of my paragraphs are just 1 sentence. Got to have that flow for web based reading. 👌

Content boxes! I don’t know what you call them, but I call them content boxes. Styled boxes that pop out of the page and answer the user intent succinctly. 📦

Use them. 🔥

I like to style them with border shadow and all that good stuff. Key is a color that works on ur page

4. Spacing. I think this is a little talked about area in content sites and all these tips here aim to be less discussed ones 🚀

Essentially, put more padding between your images and videos and paragraphs than you think you need. Mobile users (and Google!) will thank you!

5. Speaking of images and videos. Use them! It sounds all very 2011, but your posts should be highly media-friendly.

I like cool images, interesting infographics that add to the topic and relevant Youtube video embeds.

No one wants 150 paragraphs of pure text! 😔

Hopefully these tips have got you thinking about your posts.

They’re not the article tips you see often. ☄️