I’ve been thinking a lot about random health stuff lately during this pandemic.

With most countries in the world now in total lockdown / quarantine, I’ve been wondering: what happens to all the bugs, viruses and other nasties?

Talking about other viruses here, aside from the obvious mention of COVID-19.

With most of the world in lockdown, you’d assume there would be no hosts (or at least VERY limited hosts) for these viruses and bugs to jump to.

With limited hosts, a layman’s view would be that we’d see decreases in infections.

After all, in most houses it’s just 2-5 people living together and not seeing anyone else.

Do the bugs die out and I assume reappear once normal proceedings continue?

Or will something else happen longterm?

Are we going to see a reductions in the common cold and then a massive increase in cold/flu once lockdown is lifted?