So, on this crazy journey, I’m seeing more and more the importance of simplicity.

Having one gameplan that you can reflect on before working – be it on screenplay, film, your distribution plans, etc.

Structure & Simplicity

Your structure – be it habits, or frames or states of mind that you want to be in.

This is a simplified mindset with all the knowledge you have accumulated broken down into it.

We’re bombarded with material in, so finding the best bits that work for you and filtering out what you don’t want seems like a task worth doing.

One of the best examples of this that I’ve seen is a close friend of mine.

He distilled a very simplified method of his process and described it almost as a sort of shopping list of What To Do items.

Very simple.

It wasn’t bogged down in overanalysis and useless details – it kept only what was needed for easy reference before and whilst in involved in the task, whatever that may be.

No extraneous language. 

Just very to the point describing how to get into the right state of mind, the body language he wanted, his focus, etc etc etc.

The blueprint.

Guidelines For Life & Work

His method was a combination of a to-do list and a more general “How to live” guide.

It covered guidelines for doing your work (whether it’s on set or in front of a computer screen), but it also contained health and other self improvement pointers.

It was more than just a filmmaking method, it was a life method as well.

So this is what I’m aiming to achieve. That focus and clarity of purpose. Writing out a method that I’ll stick to.

This method can be amended where necessary if new material is to be placed into the method.

The key is simplicity and focus. Only what works for you.

There are tonnes of great techniques/programs/software/gear/etc out there – find what works for you and distill it into your own method, your own working to-do list/life sheet.

This is more than just a to-to list. It’s your comprehensive method for living and making your dreams come true!

To your success!