In 2021, I will be mostly forming a sovereign state. 😉

– Open borders. Free movement of all people.

– Free education.

Free school meals for all children.

– Free medical care for all.

– Traditional government removed. Instead, a quorum of 12 randomly selected individuals from broad society will govern and run the state. A Constitution will provide safeguards. The Quorum of 12 will be rotated at 3 month intervals, giving society a massively diverse governing structure.

– Legalisation of all drugs. Taxed and safety guarded by ‘gov’ institutions. Eliminates black market and crime.

– In education, STEM and the arts should be equals. Creativity and science should be bedfellows.

– Further, early specialisation is detrimental to growth of young people. Multi-disciplinary education until graduate school (borrowed this from Charlie Munger).

*Thus ends the left wing portion of this post.*

– Full meritocracy in everything but governing (see above).

– Massively limited ‘government’ oversight of everything else.

– Let free markets run free. Let good ideas flourish. Entrepreneurs have (and always will) lead development of the world. Bureaucracies are a great evil.

– A heavily armed citizenry and colonial America style militias encouraged.

– Let the market decide everything else. If you’re not good enough for a job, the market will decide. The market is your rational compass and litmus test for everything.

– A great push towards hard AI and a system of AIs that will govern and safeguard society once the quorum is retired.