Don’t always post this kind of thing, and definitely Not Invest Advice.


Really liking the look of Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust from here:

Down -58.5% since it’s all time high in Nov 2021.

– NAV (Net Asset Value) is around -21.7% down. The NAV roughly equates to the resale value of the holdings, total assets minus its total liabilities.

– It’s been a longtime leading edge in global tech investing and has holdings in Nvidia, Amazon, Netflix, Tesla, ASML, Ferrari, Shopify, Stripe Roblox, Epic Games, SpaceX, Wise and others. It has investments in public and private markets, hence the SpaceX investments.

– It gives you great exposure to future tech (especially biotech) and is a way to get exposure to off-market investments like SpaceX, Stripe, etc.

– They’ve had a load of bad press and political falling outs within the firm recently.

– Not a mortgage company!

I could definitely eat my words with this one, but I think it’s good risk/reward and I like calling my shots 😬