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I heard the crash out in the back of the kitchen just before the teenage cook came flying out the door like a bird that had been frightened from its nest!

I was in McDonalds. It had been a while.

But the real question is: why were you in McDonalds, Matt?

Well, I was there to check out their systems and processes and how they’ve automated everything to make their business work anywhere in the world.

Does that sound a little crazy – hanging out in McDonalds to see how they automate making a Big Mac?

Hold that thought and roll the credits…

First, I need to welcome you… 

Hi {{first_name}},

How time flies… the other day I introduced you to my product, Video Business Fast Forward.

So how did I wind up in McDonalds admiring their burger creation process?

It all started with my friend and mentor Eric. He told me:

“The key to automating a service business is to create one ‘Done For You’ service.”

Thats it…

Not two, not five but just ONE Done For You (or ‘DFY’) service that you’re gonna offer to all your clients.


The process of delivering that service is always the same, for every client..

And when you make that process as simple as possible…

It allows you to automate your business and grow it.

And you can give your clients the same great result each and every time

The greatest example of this in play is McDonalds. Hence why I was chowing down on burgers and fries that day.

The processes in every restaurant around the world are the same.

That Big Mac that you ordered last week… is always the same, no matter whether you’re in LA, Tennessee or Mumbai India.

And anyone is able to work at McDonalds because they made the processes so simple.

So I came up with my “DFY” service, designed the process and made sure it was super easy to operate with no room for error.

The problem for me was that I already had existing clients so I had to restructure my whole business.

To grow my business, I had to scale down first and restructure it…that was key.

I managed to implement my DFY service and it worked! My clients had never been happier!

Although I was still a One Man Show, I cut my working hours in half.

And in the next couple of months I started automating my business using 2 resources:

  1. Automation with software and technologies (a software system nearly always outperforms people).
  2. Automation with people.

I hired some people, but this time I walked them through the whole process. I had shooters, I had video editors, I had people creating websites for clients.

And because I made the process so simple…

The people working for me were able to give my clients the same results as I did myself.

This allowed me to work ON my business instead of IN my business.

It gave me what I call a Bird’s Eye View of my video company.

And within 4 months I had made more money than I would in 1 year normally.

So this is what I’ve learned… If you want more freedom in your life…

Treat your business as an actual business…

And a business works for you… not the other way around.

And once you build your one DFY service, create the processes and start automating it…

You’ll have the freedom of time… the freedom of money…. or both.

Keep Shooting!