👊 How to Stand Out And Get Clients Using ONE Dollar Bills 👊

Quick tip if you’re cold messaging people to get new clients / jobs, etc.

I actually don’t recommend cold emails and stuff like that to my coaching clients, but it can definitely work.

But if you ARE doing it. A quick tip…

Do something to stand out.

Send them a letter or some ‘lumpy mail.’ Don’t be like everyone else who sends the same boring cold email.

One of the world’s all-time great copywriters Gary Halbert famously attached a dollar bill to the top of letters he sent to potential clients.

Sure, it’s just a dollar bill. But it gets attention!

You’ll be remembered against all the usual people who they get boring mail and emails from. 💪

You can do the same with lumpy mail. Send them something physical, rather than just beating the same dead horse of cold emails.

If the client is a large sized company that will be worth big money to you (and maybe a retainer), then it’s worth spending the money for a marketing campaign like this.

I’ll wrap up with a quick story that demonstrates this. Years ago, a girl sent me an unsolicited resume and asked for a job (by mailed letter!)

Old school, you might think. 🧐

But she attached a chocolate bar (candy bar, for my American friends) to the top and included a line about “having a break!” It was a KitKat, too!

Well, you can be sure I ate that chocolate and she got a call back! 😀

I also couldn’t stop telling the story to people…and actually I’m still telling it! 😉

Hope that’s given people ideas if they’re seeking new clients.