A little background for those following along.

As you might know by now, I run a large content/authority site in a very lucrative niche – Filmmaking Lifestyle.

Loved SEO and content marketing from the beginning.

Started with affiliate marketing and transitioned into selling courses in my niche. 💵

I started my site in 2011, but didn’t really get properly into content marketing until 2016. Focused hardcore around 2018. But I was making money in 2016.

At this point, largely focused on affiliate marketing and course sales. 💰

But there’s also an element of ads, too.

Anyway, if this interests you and you’re on the same kind of journey (or even if you’re not), then I invite you to go back to the very start of this blog (WAY back in 2011) and follow along.

And I’d really appreciate that you drop me at email (matt@filmlifestyle.com) to let me know you’re following along and have got something out of the content I’m sharing here.

It would mean a lot and show me that what I’m sharing here has purpose.