In my work with people’s business mindsets, there’s an issue that comes up more than pretty much any other.

It’s something which can really get inside people’s heads and make them slip up when they could be celebrating success after success.

That issue? Success neediness.

Neediness holds back more people from success in business than anything else.

What Exactly Is Success Neediness?

Like so many people, I started looking for advice on business becomes of numerous setbacks and “failures”.

The setbacks can generate a feeling of neediness within you.

For me, I don’t think getting involved in business was purely to succeed in business and make money.

That sounds strange, right?

I think one of the main reasons I got involved with business in the first place was to succeed in general and crush that feeling of always needing more. That feeling of neediness.

One of the most troubling aspects of neediness is when you find yourself thinking thoughts like, “if I just have X then I’ll be successful”.

X in this case can be anything. It could be new knowledge, a new piece of filmmaking equipment, a new business partner, or just about anything.

Whilst, in certain situations, all of those things can be good, it’s about not needing them.

It’s a feeling that you can easily become addicted to if you let it go unchecked. You can be sitting there and you start thinking about everything that you could have…everything that you need.

Goals and dreams are important, but don’t let them become a need.

Scarcity And The Law Of Abundance

But why do people think like this?

It all comes from a place of scarcity. Scarcity tells people that things are in short supply, short-lived and short-changed.

It tells people that there’s not enough going around. It’s intrinsically linked with neediness, but it’s focused on lack.

Yes, scarcity’s greatest trick is lack. The lie that keeps on taking.

To eliminate scarcity from your life, you need to see the world as abundant. Success is abundant.

If we’re talking about success in business we normally focus on clients – especially in a video business.

There are over six billion people on this planet. That’s a lot of chances to get new clients.

You’ll never meet every person in the world, but in meeting just 0.00001%, you’ll be sure to grant yourself many adventures and lots of money in your pocket.

We’re constantly told by politicians and TV news anchors that things are in short supply, but it’s not quite true.

Whilst oil supplies may be running low, and certainly won’t last forever, many other non-materialistic things are in abundance.

Happiness & Adventure Is An Endless Commodity

Success is everywhere. Clients you can work with are everywhere. See the world as your oyster.

Put yourself out there and you’ll meet them. Knowing that you’ll never meet every potential client in the world is an amazingly powerful concept.

Knowing that you have so many great potential clients to meet makes it all the more thrilling.

We can become immune to negative feelings of neediness and scarcity mentality by embracing the abundance mindset.

Make a decision today to become aware of abundance and take it on as a part of you.

Eliminate neediness once and for all by letting the awareness of a new way of thinking guide you forward.

The Law of Abundance says that for every potential client you meet that shows no interest in you and your work/business, there are 10,000 more who are very interested in you.

And that’s a very conservative estimate.

Do you think you can work with 10,000 clients in a lifetime?

I’ll be honest with you: those are arbitrary figures. Of course they are. But it’s a brilliant mindset.

Here’s more honesty: Not every potential client in the world is going to be interested in you.


Not even following the guides here can change that, I’m afraid. There are many reasons why a client won’t be interested in you – most of them have nothing to do with you.

Focus on abundance. Focus on the overwhelming number of potential clients that there are out in the world waiting to meet you.

Look, this isn’t to say that you should try and turn yourself into some robotic business-person who deletes all negative thoughts from your mind (although that’s a start!).

That’s not what we’re talking about here. The odd negative thought is natural – we’re human after all – but if you find yourself getting too attached to a potential client that isn’t interested in you, then it’s time to exercise the Law of Abundance.

It’s time to become immune to all of it through knowledge and massive amounts of experience.

Be Able To Walk Away

The person with the most power in any interaction is the one who can walk away.

By wanting something more from a client or prospect than they want from you, you’ve already rendered yourself at a disadvantage.

If you give away your power in an interaction, then you lose all negotiation power in any kind of business dealings.

And that goes for any time in your business relationship with the client – not just at the start before you’ve decided on price.

Not wanting something is power…even when you do want it.

So if you have a situation as we mentioned earlier, where you desperately want to work with a certain client; you’ve already positioned yourself at a sizeable disadvantage.

Clients can sniff out neediness, and unless you’ve offering massive value, then you might be seen as a bad fit for the client.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “What you resist persists.” Well, the opposite is true – not pushing, not pressuring, often lets things happen.

Just Ask Three Questions

Here’s a cool exercise based on the Sedona Method:

1. Think of a feeling you’re resisting or pushing against.

2. Ask yourself, “Could I welcome this feeling?”

3. Now ask yourself these three questions:

  • Could I let this [insert your feeling] go?
  • Would I let it go?
  • When?

4. If your answer to questions 1 or 2 is a “no” then you may have already released the feeling. That’s fine. If not, you can always ask the questions again.

5. Repeat the questions as needed. Letting go of emotions is a little like peeling an onion. Sometimes the feeling disappears quickly, other times you’ll need to repeat some of the steps.

Needless to say, this works great for other feelings that you want to release, including anxieties.

The skills and mindsets we talk about on this site will put you in much better stead in any business relationship.

And certainly in a far better position than you would have been in your last business relationship if you had no idea about the concept of Business Value.

There’s a big world out there for us all. There are plenty of people to meet, and more than enough clients to go around.

There are also plenty of things to see and do, and plenty of adventures to go on!

Anyone who tells you that resources in business are scarce should not be trusted. Go out there and find them.

I hope this post helped you get clarity on some things. Thanks for reading!