You can have all the focus, drive and good intentions to market to a group of people, but if they’re not easily reached in large numbers and inexpensively

If they don’t congregate often or they’re too difficult to locate. It’s going to make your Client Attraction attempts much more difficult.

Here are some questions to ask yourself (be hard on yourself):

1. Can you find them easily?

2. Is there a “list” of these people somewhere – an association of them, societies, guilds, for example?

3. Are there enough of them? Even if your target audience is small in the grand scheme of the population, there still needs to be a large enough number of these people to make entering this market worthwhile to you.

4. Do they have a problem worth solving?

5. Does this problem hurt enough? Does it affect them enough to want to seek a solution?

6. Do they have the ability to pay for your services?

⚡️Where Do They Hang Out?⚡️

In order to land a fish, you need to go where the fish are. I’m reminded of a funny story about a man and his son (this one doesn’t involve a donkey!)

The man wanted to take his son fishing, but he didn’t really know how to fish. He just saw it as something which “dads do.”

They go out to a huge lake that was having extra fish delivered that day. They set out with a positive mindset to bring home plenty of fish for a big family meal. After a while of catching nothing, the dad says to his son, “Follow me.”

The dad takes his son to the big pipe where they’re adding fish to the lake. The dad puts his puts under the pipe and the fish start piling in.

Within minutes, the dad announces, “Right, that’s it, let’s go home!”

The man and his son get dirty looks by the other fisherman, but they sure did eat well that night!

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Where do they congregate?

2. What do they read?

3. Do they attend any workshops or seminars?

4. Do they attend any conferences each year?

5. Do they attend any trade shows each year?

This is just a start. Get to work!