Have been asked recently about my top #Bitcoin & #crypto resources. Hope this helps people! 😃

Real Vision have a free crypto section, as well as a tonne of great financial markets / macroeconomics / geo-politics content.

Amazing resource for crypto, as well as people wanting to learn more about financial markets, economics and the world we live in.

You’ll get news, expert views and more with a membership.

I really like the What Bitcoin Did podcast, also. Peter McCormack brings it!

📖 Book wise:

– Nathaniel Popper’s Digital Gold is a great history of Bitcoin.

– Bitcoin Billionaires (the Winklevoss Twin story after Facebook),

– The Bitcoin Standard (strongest argument for Bitcoin as better than gold)

– Steven Levy’s Crypto (written in the 90s, charts the history of cryptography which leads directly into Bitcoin and features a lot of the early Bitcoin cypherpunks and their history).

Hope you get something out of these resource 🔥