o have a message that attracts clients, you need to be really clear about:

1. Who your target audience is.

2. What their particular struggles or problems are right now (what keeps them up at night!),


3. How working with you solves these types of problems ⚔️

How will your video services benefit your client?

For instance, if they’re a small business owner, how and why will your video services boost their sales and grow their income 💰

If they’re a bride, how will your video services ensure that their special day is chronicled in the best possible way so that they can keep the memories for posterity. 

And how will your services be something that when they show their friends, their friends say, “That’s the best wedding video I’ve ever seen!”

Best of all, you need to know what separates you from your competition, what makes you unique (and better) than others who provide similar services.

Once you’re clear on that, all of your marketing communications can start attracting clients 🙌🏿

I know I keep harping on about this, but it’s important to be very specific 🔭